365 - A Showcase of Effective Design

365: A Showcase of Effective Design

This week, a special exhibition in New York will ask visitors to consider an important question: How can design be more than just a beautiful exterior?

Debuting at the AIGA National Design Center on September 15, and online in the AIGA Design Archives, the much anticipated "365 | Design Effectiveness" exhibition will showcase award-winning work that successfully pairs aesthetics with results.

"AIGA is committed to demonstrating design's value as well as its ability to charm, intrigue and entertain," said AIGA Executive Director Richard Grefe.

"With this year's competition, we are emphasizing that design, to be great, must achieve its business purposes first and, usually, will do so in a way that overwhelms us with simplicity, responsibility and creativity."

"People often think of designers as 'those who make something look pretty,' but design goes so much deeper than that," explained AIGA Director of Competitions Gabriela Mirensky.

"This exhibition helps visitors understand why a certain design, branding, execution or strategy was effective, by focusing on the impact of each piece."

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