.PSLAB Goes Exploring at LDF 2011

.PSLAB Goes Exploring at LDF 2011

On the occasion of the London Design Festival 2011, .PSLAB has been chosen to light the event "Mint Explores" with a showcase of its hand-finished products. The show brings together 50 pioneers in the design field to display designs and crafts from around the world.

As designers and manufacturers of site-specific lighting products, in lighting 'Mint Explores' .PSLAB have taken into account the spatial qualities of Mint's linear space and the characteristics of the products selected. Clusters of lamps will be visible from outside the front window, and inside they will be concentrated at key points to lead the viewer forward, culminating in a series of chandeliers suspended beneath the gallery's distinctive skylight, which dominates the second half of the space.

Hand-rolled tubes in natural copper make up this chandelier, winning an iF design award in 2010. The tubes' angle of deviation fills a circular base shape and curved profile.

These metal ceiling-mounted fixtures, originally conceived for Al Dente restaurant in Beirut, are brass discs with a pinpoint light source, intentionally misaligned to create a visual shading in volume.

This ceiling-suspended lamp creates a particular design language with its two elements. A steel holding rod supports the wiring and the brass shade, with its black powder-coated finish.

A brass standing lamp, originally created as part of a collaboration with the celebrated Parisian architect India Mahdavi. Its smoothly moulded circular shade provides an intimate glow.

In these surface-mounted lamps, a steel support and electrification module in a blackened copper-plated steel finish is crowned with a natural brass shade in several tiers.