1stAveMachine's Tim Brown and BBH Create New Campaign for Westin Hotels

1stAveMachine's Tim Brown & BBH Create New Campaign for Westin Hotels

A man runs through a large open space full of white gym equipment. A slow-motion camera captures every choreographed move as he leaps into his free-floating clothes. He flies through the air and lands into his New Balance running shoes.

The "Westin Clothed" spot is the first of three in the new campagin for Westin Hotels. This latest collaboration between 1stAveMachine director Tim Brown and BBH also marks the first major US production for London-based Brown.

"We were presented with the challenge of representing the comforts of Westin hotel while avoiding cliche," explained Brown. "This gave us an opportunity to create a clean visual communication."

The minimalist aesthetic is complemented by elegant slow-motion, captured with the Phantom Flex. "To test some of the shots, I bought a digital camera with varying frame rates and shot a bunch of set-ups at 1000fps. The test footage inspired a lot of ideas," Brown added.

Brown previously worked with BBH to direct Google Extensions last year. The spot was shortlisted at the AICP awards in four separate categories. In addition to his commercial work, Brown has a music video scheduled to be released next month, and is noominated for three awards for the upcoming UK MVAs, including Best New Director. Two more Westin spots from the campaign will air in coming weeks.

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