Robot Paint Technology from Artek

Robot Paint Technology from Artek

The pioneer of Nordic modernism, Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) began his career by designing reasonably priced, high-quality furniture utilizing modern technology.

In addition to unparalleled design and aesthetic, Aalto also developed innovative technical solutions for wood-bending.

Working in collaboration with master woodworkers, Aalto was able to realize the potential of birch as a furniture material.

Today, technology has joined forces with craftsmanship to reinvent Aalto's classic Stool 60 in a variety of colors, each finished by a cutting-edge CMA paint robot.

The use of CMA robotics not only boosts the rate of production, but offers Artek customers a virtually limitless array of color choices.

The robot is guided through the entire spraying cycle, storing the actions in a program which allows the sequence to be repeated.

Once the program is stored, the robot is ready to be deployed to the paint booth, where all of the painting is done.

The spraying cycle makes use of a carousel, which allows pieces to be changed quickly, with the robot remaining stationary while the carousel rotates.