Pole Position - Giant Red Arrows Point to Designers in DesignPhiladelphia

Pole Position: Giant Red Arrows Point to Designers in DesignPhiladelphia

As part of the 2011 DesignPhiladelphia festival, Bresslergroup has installed giant red arrows, serving as view-finders, on defunct parking meter poles in Center City.

"Pole Position" is designed by Bresslergroup, a nationally renowned product development firm, which has participated in DesignPhiladelphia since its inception. This year, Bresslergroup decided to focus the general public's attention on local designers who are generally invisible, but whose creative output is experienced by millions of people in Philly, nationally and beyond.

New parking kiosks around Center City have taken the place of old fashioned meters, leaving hundreds of decapitated meter poles looking for a new purpose. Bresslergroup is using these poles as mounting locations for striking red arrow view finders, pointing at places where designers do their thing. The headline "Park it here. You just might see a designer," raises awareness of the impact of design on our daily lives and encourages the public to find out more via QR codes and web links.

"Building the creative economy is a key development goal for our city. The businesses we're highlighting are driving that economy," said Mike Flanagan, Bresslergroup managing partner.

Featured in the Pole Position installation are: Lagos, fine jewelry design; Red Tettemer, branding and advertising; Urban Outfitters, design-driven retail behemoth; Electronic Ink, international business systems design firm and Bresslergroup, product design and development.

The campaign is focused on Center City (South Broad St. and Rittenhouse Square) to maximize impact but the view finders could easily be expanded to Old City, Northern Liberties and other neighborhoods where designers are creating the next great thing.