Noma Bar Designs Eight Unique Wallpaper* Covers

Noma Bar Designs Eight Unique Wallpaper* Covers

In his first ever foray into three-dimensional interior space and products, celebrated illustrator Noma Bar has created eight newsstand covers for the Global Design issue of Wallpaper* magazine.

Wallpaper's edit of the world's top design territories features Germany, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Belgium and Scandinavia. Bar has given each destination its own unique cover, combining an illustrative mural and actual products: Jean Nouvel chairs form eyes for the French cover, a Herrenberger by Atelier Haussmann does the same for Germany, and an ink box by Babaghuri acts as lips for the Japanese cover.

"Known for his play on positive and negative space, usually in 2D, Bar entered a new dimension just for us. His cover designs are, in fact, room sets, painted in a three-dimensional studio space and integrating actual products from each of the territories," said Tony Chambers, Wallpaper* editor-in-chief. "With his typical, though extraordinary, and witty visual brevity, he captured the identity of each territory using merely his paint brush and a few selected objects."

"This was a large commission to work on and it took more than three weeks to create the sets for the shoot," commented Noma Bar. "The challenge of the Wallpaper* design brief lay in the highly interpretive notion of what each territory represents. I incorporated the furniture and objects in the foreground of the images and painted the background to create subtle references to new and old icons for each territory."

The eight covers are available to buy as posters and limited-edition prints. Additional exclusive Noma Bar content is available in the Wallpaper* iPad edition.


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