Charlex Adds Two More to Their Arsenal

Charlex Adds Two More to Their Arsenal

Fresh off the promotion of director Ryan Dunn to company ECD, Charlex has added creative talents Kristian Mercado and Elliot Lim to its lineup. The versatile directors each bring a unique aesthetic approach to Charlex's studio, further expanding an already robust creative staff.

Mercado joins Charlex from 1stAveMachine, where his work included an entertaining spot for Tassimo featuring a dancing brewpot and an HTC campaign revealing new smartphones through narratives speaking to human connectivity. The award-winning Lim comes to the studio from Digital Kitchen, where he worked on TV spots, music videos, installations and more for high-end clients such as Reese's, Coach, Rotary Club, Cosmopolitan Hotel and Ghost Robot.

"Kristian is a versatile talent who possesses a relentless creative dedication to finding the perfect approach for each project," noted Charlex Founder/Company Creative Director Alex Weil. "Rather than let himself be constrained by the subject matter, he constantly explores new styles to find something that will leave a mark on his viewers. I am particularly impressed by his fluency in organic, filmic and CG created imagery and his ability to make them come together as one."

Lim has worked with Dunn in the past, and came to Charlex primarily to work under his leadership. "Ryan and I have the potential to make some really great work together," Lim remarked.

"Elliot has well-developed sensibilities in terms of design, concept, and animation," explained Weil. "He can execute all three and, just as important, help others to do so. In one of his first projects he seemed to get to the heart of the story that the client was trying to tell in a comprehensive and very elegant first take. He's the sort of team-first guy that we're always seeking here at Charlex."