New Offices for ConVis by Ware Malcomb

New Offices for ConVis by Ware Malcomb

Ware Malcomb designed the new offices for ConVis, the San Diego Convention and Visitor's Bureau. The new ConVis offices are located within the Symphony Towers building in downtown San Diego.

The newly designed 20,000 square feet of office reflects the San Diego lifestyle; colorful with an airy ambiance, while at the same time modern and sophisticated. This was important, as the mission of ConVis is to promote and market San Diego County as a travel destination and convention site.

The new office space has a reception area, a large conference room, small conference rooms, private office, open office, collaborative open meeting areas, break room, work rooms and storage. The office provides a balanced environment offering both window lined private offices, as well as open office workstations with window line views. All habited areas have exposure to natural light, which creates a light and airy atmosphere. The vibrant, organic work environment is reflective of ConVis' employees, culture and services.

Ware Malcomb

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