NBC Politics iOS App

NBC Politics iOS App

NBC Politics launched a new app for iPad and iPhone that brings users inside the 2012 election through a collection of interactive tools, games, videos, reports, and graphics from a powerful political reporting team at NBC News.

Collaborating with experience design firm Method to design and launch the NBC Politics App, the goal was to deliver an insightful and engaging experience for a variety of users following political news. The app gives access to political coverage wherever, whenever, and in the depth that they want it.

"Politics can be overwhelming and complicated. Method was conscious of these challenges throughout the design and development of the NBC Politics App. We wanted to create a personalized and useful experience that allows people to actively participate in political dialogue in real-time while providing access to news and interactive tools all on mobile," said Ted Booth, Principal leading Interaction Design at Method. "We're excited to deliver a political resource that allows people to engage at varying levels while crafting their own, unique elections 2012 experience."

The resulting NBC Politics App is informative and engaging, allowing various types of users, from political enthusiasts to casual followers, to understand, analyze, and participate in the political news cycle. Working closely with the msnbc.com team, Method was able to rapidly design and develop the apps for iPad and iPhone that are optimized, tested, and deliver on the NBC Politics promise.

"Every political news consumer - from the beltway insider to the average voter - will find something useful in this app," said Paige West, creative director at msnbc.com. "You now have a way to quickly catch up on the headlines of the day and share the best political reporting from NBC News. There's also a fun opportunity to share your insights on how the next president wins the election. We're excited to offer this powerful tool for the 2012 election and beyond."

Central to the experience are features that allow users to do anything from staying updated with a daily set of curated "need to know" tips to diving deep into the campaigns by challenging themselves to map out the electoral vote outcomes.

The NBC Politics App features include:

Watch the latest agenda-setting interviews and reports from "Meet the Press with David Gregory," "The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd," "Andrea Mitchell Reports," and NBC News' entire line-up of trusted news broadcasts and platforms.

Battleground Map
During the run up to the general election, this interactive map will give users the tools to test potential electoral vote outcomes. How do different state election outcomes add up to 270 electoral votes needed for victory? With the interactive Battleground Map, users can test out different scenarios, play along with NBC News political experts and create and share personalized outcomes with the chance to see their map on-air or online.

Tip Sheet
Get the daily "Tip Sheet" from NBC Politics-a round-up of the day's most memorable, must-know moments and headlines.

Live Election Results
Watch the election results as they unfold in real-time on the NBC Politics App.

Candidate Profiles
Learn the details about each Presidential candidate through in-depth profiles. Get the latest headlines related to each candidate and see where they stand on the issues.

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