LAVA Designs Green Climate Fund Headquarters, Bonn

LAVA Designs Green Climate Fund Headquarters, Bonn

The Federal Republic of Germany has selected the proposal of Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) for the Green Climate Fund Headquarters, Bonn. LAVA's proposal for the headquarters is an 'ecological model project' and demonstrates their motto: 'green is the new black.'

The new building will feature innovative climate protection solutions like; facades that are are articulated according to building orientation, surfaces that integrate various regenerative energy production methods, and photo-voltaics & bioreactors that demonstrate the application of latest technologies.

With a design inspired by the beautiful setting in the Rhine valley, and with curvilinear forms, nature light wells, roof top gardens and a large sunken terrace for the restaurant, the three level structure will comply with the latest energy and building ecology standards, meeting the highest demands in terms of sustainability (German Gold Certificate), ecology and energy efficiency (net zero energy).

"LAVA has worked closely with the advanced research facilities and experts at the world renowned Fraunhofer IAO to generate intelligent systems, materials and skins that respond to external influences such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, solar-radiation and pollution," said LAVA director Alexander Rieck.

"Since winning the international competition to design the centre of the world's first eco-city, Masdar, in 2009, our projects have focussed on combining digital workflow, nature's principles and the latest digital fabrication technologies with the aim of achieving MORE WITH LESS: more (architecture) with less (material/ energy/time/cost)," added Chris Bosse, LAVA director.

Described as 'architecturally appealing' and 'environmentally friendly with functional spaces that foster working productivity' the purpose built GCF headquarters will offer ideal working conditions for approximately 300 Green Climate Fund officials, on a 13.000m2 site. Offices with state-of-the-art office technology, logistics areas with security controls and a visitor reception zone, an auditorium, a conference room, a canteen/cafeteria and an underground car park create optimal working conditions.