Maria Blaisse - Moving Meshes

Maria Blaisse: Moving Meshes

Moving Meshes, an exhibition of the work of the Dutch designer Maria Blaisse, will be on view at Domaine de Boisbuchet through September 22, 2012.

Maria Blaisse works at the forefront of research, education and design of textiles and flexible materials. Engaging art and design practice, Blaisse's career mixes performance, fashion and architecture, including collaborations with contemporaries such as fashion designer Issey Miyake and choreographer Michael Schumacher.

This exhibition, which includes five delicate bamboo works and a video projection, lies at the intersection of design and movement. As a narrative, Moving Meshes leads the viewer through a sculptural experience exploring the body as a critical element in the animation of material and form.

Through a fellowship program, Parsons students Oscar Trujillo Amezquita, Laura Jane Kenny, Elizabeth Parker and Santiago Peraza assisted exhibition designer Mikael Baillairge in the design and installation of the exhibition, which opens the 2012 season at Boisbuchet.

Set within 300 square meters of space in the Boisbuchet chateau, Parsons students worked with the exhibition team to install objects, images, text, sound and video; construct, paint and arrange backdrops for display; and create way-finding maps.

Photography: Enrique Mellado

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