Demetrius Romanos Joins Karten Design as Vice President

Demetrius Romanos Joins Karten Design as Vice President

Karten Design has signed Demetrius Romanos as Vice President. Demetrius brings 17 years of strategic product development experience, most recently as Executive Creative Director brand and product innovation consultancy Kaleidoscope.

Working across the consumer goods, medical and consumer electronics industries, he has helped leading companies, including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Whirlpool, Mars, and Motorola, use design strategically to drive bottom line growth.

Under his creative leadership, companies have introduced innovative new products that have helped them extend offerings into adjacent markets, commercialize new technologies, and engage consumers through new brand experiences.

In addition to notable commercial innovations such as the Tide Laundry Pod and the Febreeze Sport product line, Demetrius has lead several social design projects. He initiated and led "The Greener Grass," using Kaleidoscope's creative resources to develop concept projects that open dialog on topics like health and wellness, energy, education, and travel.

"Demetrius shares Karten Design's passion for creating positive experiences between people and products," said Karten Design principal Stuart Karten.

"He has a demonstrated habit of thinking beyond an artifact to impact the entire product experience-a mindset that's helped him to solve complex human problems and create delightful details and interactions."

As Vice President at Karten Design, Demetrius will oversee day-to-day project operations. A link between the firm's design strategy and research, design, and engineering disciplines, he will build and mentor creative teams and enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration in the service of clients' strategic visions.

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