Parks for the People Award Ceremony

Parks for the People Award Ceremony

Parks for the People: A Student Competition to Reimagine America's National Parks award ceremony, reception, and exhibition opening will be held at the AIA Legacy Foundation's Octagon Museum in Washington, D.C. The ceremony marks the culmination of Parks for the People, a two-stage competition organized by the National Park Service and the Van Alen Institute that asked student and faculty teams from across the country to creatively rethink America's national parks-their connection to people, their significance for future generations, and their role as revered natural, social, and cultural destinations.

Jonathan B. Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, will lead the ceremony, commending studio teams for their contribution to design excellence in the National Park Service. Jarvis will honor two studios, recommended by the Parks for the People Advisory Committee, with Awards of Excellence.

The studios' innovative ideas for a new century of park planning and design will be showcased in an exhibition at the Octagon's gallery space, where they will be on view through mid-November.

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