AIGA Unveils 18 Case Studies to Highlight Design's Process and Impact

AIGA Unveils 18 Case Studies to Highlight Design's Process and Impact

AIGA has unveiled eighteen case studies selected for its Justified design competition. The jury made their selection from nearly 400 entries submitted by design firms, in-house design departments, design entrepreneurs and freelance designers.

Entries were judged based on their design attributes and whether their case for effectiveness was clear, compelling and accessible. A jury of renowned designers chaired by Terry Irwin, head of the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, identified submissions they felt served as an effective tool for explaining design's value to clients, students, peers and the public in general.

"So many people tend to think of design as the final step-making a website to launch a product, producing a brochure to announce a new service," stated AIGA Executive Director Ric Grefe. "But these results show not only that design can make a positive impact on the bottom line, but that designers can play a strategic role in solving business challenges."

The jury debated for several days after reviewing the entries, preparing carefully considered comments and ultimately selecting 18 case studies.

"The competition is about the power and potential of storytelling-how our stories about design can make meaningful differences and an impact. It's about learning from each other and understanding how the dots are connected," said juror Clement Mok, a design and business strategy consultant.