Pininfarina Designs New Bridge Components for MTU

Pininfarina Designs New Bridge Components for MTU

Pininfarina has created new digital and analog displays and operating consoles for MTU. The company has unveiled the bridge components recently at the Salone Nautico Internazionale yacht show in Genoa.

The new MTU bridge components will allow shipyards building series yachts to retain their modular construction techniques and at the same time offer yacht owners stylish solutions for their command centers.

The four components re-designed by Pininfarina already form the existing standard delivery scope and provide the starting point for a design line that can be extended to include further components. The control lever is used to propel the vessel forwards or in reverse, and the various buttons on the control panel control the engine.

The digital display screen forms a dashboard showing key information such as speed, temperatures and pressures. Other screens containing information on alarm signals or special measurement values can also be called up. Key data such as speed, pressure and temperature can be read off on analog display instruments.


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