RealWorld DesignWeek 2012 - Call for Interior Design Mentors

RealWorld DesignWeek 2012: Call for Interior Design Mentors

RealWorld DesignWeek, the annual nationwide mentoring program created by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), will take place from November 4 through November 10, 2012. ASID has had over 4,000 members participate since the program launched in 2007 and this year has already surpassed the record-setting numbers from 2011.

RealWorld DesignWeek is the first national program aimed at educating future interior designers through in-person experience. The program is open to all members, free of charge, and pairs ASID student members with interior design professionals and ASID Industry Partners. This experience has consistently been named one of the most rewarding programs for ASID members, and is also the only national volunteer opportunity for all 30,000 members to participate in regardless of membership category or location.

ASID is calling on member companies and individuals to sign up to host a student for one day in November.


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