WDC Title is Transferred to Cape Town

WDC Title is Transferred to Cape Town

Icsid has handed over the World Design Capital title from Helsinki to Cape Town on November 29, 2012, during the WDC Closing Summit.

"World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 has widened the use of design in Finland in a number of ways. It has also increased the understanding of the possibilities design offers and gained exceptional international attention," commented Pekka Timonen, Executive Director of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. "The World Design Capital's task is to highlight the significance of design; indicate the intended usage of contemporary design, and to increase the demand for design. Our projects have succeeded brilliantly in all of these."

Altogether, 580 projects were explored, 2800 events were organized throughout the WDC Helsinki 2012 of which 90 percent were open to the general public and 80 percent were free of charge. This resulted in nearly 1 million visitors to the city.

"Open city, global responsibility and new growth were central themes of Helsinki's World Design Capital year," Timonen added. "During the yearlong programme, design became a topic for public discussion. More than anything, carrying on with the legacy of the World Design Capital year, Helsinki is on a path towards becoming even more liveable."

Icsid has also launched the application process for WDC 2016, marking the 5th cycle of the initiative that was established in 2005. Cities are invited to submit their applications by April 30, 2013.

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