India to Host Next Icsid Interdesign Workshop

India to Host Next Icsid Interdesign Workshop

The Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool) will host the next Icsid Interdesign workshop in February 2014 in Mumbai.

Under the theme of "Humanising the Metropolis," the workshop aims to design solutions to address critical service issues in the metropolis. The goal is to enable the city to become self-reliant on its resources, as well as increase its citizen's sense of pride.

"In the context of emerging economies, Mumbai presents numerous opportunities for a dialogue about infrastructure, housing, sanitation, mobility, education and healthcare to name but a few," stated Icsid President, Professor Soon-in Lee. "This term, an outstanding proposal was put fourth by the WeSchool that demonstrated the challenges of this densely populated city and a desire to work towards the betterment of its communities through an inclusive process. In selecting their proposal, we hope to help the city bring forward a substantial level of affordable solutions to address some of these critical issues."

Involvement in the Interdesign is limited to a small but tenacious group of 30 to 40 participants including established and aspiring design professionals who commit to a labour-intensive workshop to assess, synthesise and formulate tangible solutions for implementation.

Icsid and the WeSchool will launch a call for participants at a later date.


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