BBDO Russia Creates Click for Help Game for WWF

BBDO Russia Creates Click for Help Game for WWF

Created by BBDO Moscow for WWF, Click for Help is an interactive online game dedicated to the preservation of the polar bears.

There are only 25,000 polar bears in the Arctic region, and ice - home to the polar bears - is rapidly melting away. Only one third of the polar bear population will survive by 2050. Climate change, poaching and pollution in the Arctic only adds to endangering the future of the polar bear.

To draw media attention to the problem and increase traffic flow to the fundraising page, BBDO Moscow created an interactive game website, fully optimized for sharing on social media.

The website shows polar bears and their virtual habitat - ice - surrounded by the sea. Each click on the blue sea area turns water into ice. Bears get more ice to live on and the newly created floe gets the name of the visitor.

The basis of the game is the well-known Pay-With-A-Tweet concept. The viral growth formula is simple: the more people visit the site and share it with their friend lists, the more people donate there by "buying" a bear to live on ice. Donations support coastal monitoring, anti-poaching activities, environmental projects in the Arctic region and increase the survival chances of polar bears.