Photographic Universe II

Photographic Universe II

The Photographic Universe II is a two-day conference that brings together a range of leading practitioners, scientists, theoreticians, historians, and philosophers to consider and reflect on current discussions in photography.

Building upon the success of the first conference held in 2011, the event will consist of one-on-one conversations between two individuals from distinct professional and research backgrounds.

The conference will conclude with a roundtable focusing on photographic education.

Participants include writer and curator Mia Fineman in conversation with Fred Ritchin, a professor in the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU; Victoria Hattam, chair of the Political Science program at The New School, in conversation with artist Hito Steyerl; curator, blogger and Parsons faculty member Laurel Ptak in conversation with photographer Andrew Norman Wilson; Eduardo Cadava, a professor in the Department of English at Princeton University, in conversation with writer Lynne Tillman; and Todd Cronan, an assistant professor of European Art, 1880-1950, at Emory University in conversation with Simon Critchley, the Hans Jonas Professor and chair of Philosophy at The New School.

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