Bobble Hot and Bobble Iced by Karim Rashid

Bobble Hot and Bobble Iced by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid has recently designed two new bottles for Move Collective. Bobble hot and Bobble iced, made from durable Tritan, are designed for everyday use with hot and cold drinks.

Bobble iced holds any cold drink - water, soda, juice, iced coffee - in a curvaceous 22oz/650mL frame.

The 15oz/450mL Bobble hot offers a key design distinction from its sibling: it keeps coffee and tea steamy. It does so via double-walled insulation that traps and circulates heat, maintaining drink heat for an extended time.

"Any product category can benefit from a redesign," commented Stephanie Smiedt, co-founder and creative director, Move Collective.

"We learned that with the original bobble. Water bottles were everywhere when we began, and despite that, we've helped create an entirely new category in portable water filtration. So we chose to branch out from water, into hot and cold drinks.

We brought the same sense of style with us. Design paired with function just works wonders. We want to encourage people to bring their bobble hot or iced to the coffee shop. Together we can make disposable coffee cups a thing of the past."

Karim Rashid

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