ASID 2013 Environmental Scanning Report

ASID 2013 Environmental Scanning Report

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has issued its 2013 Environmental Scanning Report, an annual report on design industry demographics and a trend forecast for the year ahead.

The New Normal
While the economy may be recovering, economists question what the profile of the emerging consumer will look like. Most trends point toward a mix of value-conscious, socially connected and empowered consumers who will expect more personalization and long-term value from their purchases and transactions. Service providers and manufacturers will be challenged to respond to the motivations and desires of the new consumer in order to maintain relevance.

Technology and Business - Social and Mobile
Technology continues to play a major role in the consumer/designer dynamic. In a "word-of-click world" where consumers are increasingly using their devices to research products, check reviews and price points, designers who adapt will find opportunities to build their practice and create interactive environments that respond to an increasingly empowered, mobile clientele. Along with technology, online communities are increasingly becoming a critical venue to display work and exchange ideas creating new business models.

Next Housing Boom
Rising home values, increased sales transactions, low interest rates, increase lending and more prospective buyers will continue to create opportunity for designers in a recovering market. As Baby Boomers begin to downsize and Millennials start buying their first homes, the design industry should prepare to meet the needs of a rapidly changing population.


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