ASID Celebrates World Interiors Day

ASID Celebrates World Interiors Day

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) today launched a full week of activities in honor of World Interiors Day.

Scheduled for May 25, 2013, the World Interiors Day is a global celebration of design's influence on society and the built environment.

ASID's weeklong event, themed "Space Matters," starts today with a daily series of programs to inspire, engage and educate the public on the value of design.

These programs include online interviews with interior designers, an Instagram photo contest and outreach with local governments to promote interior design.

"Designers create safer, more efficient and more comfortable environments for the world in which we live. Not only does this drive economic growth, but it enhances our daily lives and contributes to the well-being of occupants of designed spaces," commented ASID President Barbara Marini, FASID, IDEC.

"World Interiors Day is a wonderful time to share what we know about the impact of well-designed spaces. If we all do just one thing, we can communicate the diversity of practice, range of experience and expertise of the design community at large."

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