BIID Professional Pathway Video

BIID Professional Pathway Video

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has released an animated video to support the launch of the BIID Professional Pathway.

The 90 second animated short, created by Dan Ojari, makes clever use of the BIID's visual identity to take designers on a simple-to-follow journey explaining the BIID Professional Pathway.

"We are delighted with the new video. We felt it was important to provide a visual guide for interior designers to help them understand the BIID Professional Pathway, and how best they can access and benefit from it," commented Debra McQuin, the Institute's Marketing Director. "This video is an important tool and a perfect complement to the printed Professional Pathway guides the Institute has also produced."

The BIID Professional Pathway introduces, for the first time, a national, professional standard for interior designers. Comprising five distinct modules-Design Process; Communication and Presentation; Construction, Materials, Manufacture and Sustainability; Professional Practice; and Final Project-the BIID Professional Pathway is designed to be undertaken whilst the candidate is working as an interior designer. This allows the use of knowledge and skills gained in everyday practice to evidence professional competence. The BIID Professional Pathway also offers flexibility, with entry at different points depending on the qualifications and experience an interior designer has already gained.

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