Spahaus by YH2

Spahaus by YH2

SPAHAUS is a project of 26 contemporary chalets designed by YH2 for Fraternité-sur-Lac. Adaptable according to the number of bedrooms and the optional inclusion of a spa and sauna, SPAHAUS democratizes access to contemporary, imaginative architectural design that's in keeping with the Lac Supérieur environment, located 10 minutes away from the Mont-Tremblant ski station's northern slope and the Mont-Tremblant National Park.

"With SPAHAUS, we want to allow future buyers to set up home in an architectural residence that's both creative and functional, but above all, that is affordable and only available in a limited supply," commented project developer Michel Beaulieu. "In that sense, we consider ourselves privileged to have convinced YH2 to dream up these contemporary, luxurious spaces, designed while keeping nature and the values of Fraternité-sur-Lac in mind."

SPAHAUS is made up of 26 chalets laid out to blend into the natural undulating contours of the site, and positioned in such a way as to mask the other chalets' construction. Built using a combination of concrete and wood, the units' large window design provides an optimal amount of light and a stunning vista of the natural surroundings, in the spirit of contemporary Scandinavian design.

On the ground floor, each chalet has a large rectangular space comprised of the living room and the spa, on top of which rests a small wooden cottage, designed with one or two bedrooms. The integration of the ground floor into the land's natural slope renders the building's concrete foundation practically invisible to the other cottages. From the site, all that's visible are the 26 small wooden houses resting on flat roof patios, made up of minerals and plants - these gardens of lush greenery boast heart-stopping vistas of the forest, leading to the lake below.