Thonet Desk S 1200 - Small, Fine and Functional

Thonet Desk S 1200: Small, Fine and Functional

Thonet has unveiled the S 1200, a desk specially designed for use in the home. Available in a variety of versions and with optional accessories, the filigree desk becomes a personalized piece of furniture and makes working an experience.

The decisive advantage of the S 1200 is its compact dimensions - 88 cm high, 110 cm wide and 66.5 cm deep - which allow it to be integrated in the smallest of living spaces.

A well conceived tubular steel frame forms the basis for the S 1200; its slanted shape makes getting up from the desk easy even in narrow hallways or niches. A footrest enables a relaxed seating position.

Optional accessories allow users to keep things on and in the desk properly organized: a metal panel serves as a multi-functional bookrest or magnetic memo board, a cover for the compartment (mounted on top) or as a pad for tablet PCs. Magazines, letters and pens disappear into practical storage boxes. All of the accessories are made of flocked sheet metal. The velveteen material is not only comfortable to the touch but also protects the surface of the desk and electronic devices placed upon it.


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