Morpholio Launches Trace 2.0

Morpholio Launches Trace 2.0

The Morpholio Project has released the second version of Trace. Originally released in September of 2012, Trace explores the role of technology in the conceptual phase of the creative process through a digital version of "canary yellow" trace paper.

Sketching, is now made easier, faster and more intuitive with Trace, allowing users to instantly draw on top of imported images or background templates, and layer comments or ideas to generate immediate, intelligent, and beautiful drawings that are easy to circulate.

"The goal of the app was to embrace and enhance the fast paced and messy process of idea building, bringing back hand-drawing to a culture no longer beholden to the desktop computer," commented Co-Creator Anna Kenoff. Design process works iteratively, as our thoughts build and expand upon one another. Trace 2.0 attempts to put this process in hyper drive with the introduction of three game changing tools for the creative world.

Sketch + Filter

Trace 2.0 reimagines the drawing process, placing thought before beauty. It now offers 12 vibrant filters such as ink, marker, and perforation that allow a simple hand drawn sketch or photo to take on new life. "Similar to the revolution in digital photography that allowed us to select the film after the photo was taken; Trace 2.0 repositions the medium within the drawing process," Kenoff said. This allows the priority to remain on the thought and idea. Once you have developed a sketch, Trace filters can add beauty, clarity, or appeal, making your idea more powerful. By hybridizing drawing and rendering, the process still embodies the rapid, unencumbered evolution of creative thinking that sketching by hand is best for.

"Software design is not simply about presenting the best digital version of an analog process. It should also create an opportunity for something that was not previously possible. The filters fuse drawing and technology in a way that seeks a bit of serendipity, enhanced beauty, and even whimsy in the creative process," added Co-creator Mark Collins. "Drawing isn't just drawing anymore - it is discovery. This hybrid of drawing and rendering opens up a vital pathway to inspiration unleashing enormous potential on the image driven world."

Layers: Past, Present & Future

In the design process going in reverse can be as valuable as going forward. In Trace 2.0 users can now go back and forth between all layers of a sketch and add, edit or remove information as necessary. Editing and comparison are now possible as you literally peel through iterations of a drawing. "The first word we thought of with Trace 2.0 was 'workflow.' Drawing in layers was already linking workflow and drawing in interesting ways, but 2.0 unlocks the potential for you to dive back into your drawing's history for rediscovery," stated Co-creator Toru Hasegawa.