NYSID Interior Design Archives

NYSID Interior Design Archives

The New York School of Interior Design announced the NYSID Interior Design Archives, a large repository for the preservation of primary source material on the people, profession, and business of interior design.

"At present, there are no existing archival collections devoted solely to the field of interior design," commented NYSID President David Sprouls. "While designers' papers are found in the collections of other institutions due to individual affiliations, they do not and cannot provide the singular scholarly lens that NYSID is able to use in processing and making accessible the records of interior design to a broader audience."

The NYSID Interior Design Archives was created out of a deeply recognized need that there was little to no collection of materials related to interior design and that many of the profession's early leaders are elderly or close to retirement. Their business records are often being discarded or forgotten and it is their records, and the records of future generations of interior designers, that the NYSID Archives was created to preserve.

The NYSID Archives also contains the institutional records of the New York School of Interior Design, in anticipation of NYSID's 100th anniversary in 2016. The College's archival documents, including catalogs, bulletins, photographs, and other documentation have been stored and cataloged, with a finding aid created to provide a deeper level of access.

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