Interior Design for Autism eBooks

Interior Design for Autism eBooks

The American Society of Interior Designers and Wiley released a series of three "design shorts" explaining the ways in which the design of interior spaces can improve the experiences of autistic individuals.

Over the past decade, a growing body of research has emerged indicating specific design strategies can be used to create optimal living and learning environments for people with autism, throughout various stages of life.

"ASID members believe strongly in the contribution interior design can make to wellness across ages, life circumstances and health challenges," commented Randy Fiser, executive vice president and CEO of ASID.

"So we are excited by ASID member A.J. Paron-Wildes' new series of books that provides design strategies, based on research, that improve the built environment for autistic individuals. We applaud our colleague's efforts and encourage interior designers everywhere to employ evidence-based design principles in their work with clients facing other health concerns as well."

The first eBook, Interior Design for Autism from Birth to Early Childhood, focuses on project types that are most important for autism in this age range, such as those in home environments, schools and clinical therapy centers.

Interior Design for Autism from Childhood to Adolescence covers project types such as those in high schools, residential group homes and workplaces, while Interior Design for Autism from Adulthood to Geriatrics concentrates on workplaces, clinical settings and nursing homes.

All three titles are essential reading for interior designers and interior architects as well as for stakeholders involved in treating and/or living with people with autism or other neurological impairments.


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