Endless Sinter - Exclusive 3D Printed Surfboard by Karten Design

Endless Sinter: Exclusive 3D Printed Surfboard by Karten Design

Karten Design has unveiled "Endless Sinter," a 3D-printed surfboard, designed exclusively for the A+D Architecture + Design Museum.

A tribute to the classic single-fin surfboard popularized during the rise of surf culture in 1960s Southern California, "Endless Sinter" takes its inspiration from the wave patterns created when Northern and Southern Pacific swells converge, a phenomenon that produces some of California's sweetest surfing conditions.

Karten Design partnered with Scicon Technologies to custom-fabricate the frame using an additive manufacturing technique called Selective Laser Sintering, making "Endless Sinter" the first 3D-printed surfboard of its kind.

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