Morpholio Launches Board 2.0

Morpholio Launches Board 2.0

Morpholio has launched Board 2.0. This brand new version, created in collaboration with interior design giants, lets you work faster, smarter, and be more organized & creative.

The Board app intervenes in the design process at the moment between research and creation, providing a tool that allows you to elevate and transform your endless stream of images into something far more powerful - your vision.

"Creatives are mobile and social - and until now, their tools were not," commented Ciara Seymour, Co-Creator of The Morpholio project.

"Call them what you want: design, presentation or mood boards have always been an essential tool for creatives. We are broadening their impact and potential with a brand new platform that combines intuitive and accessible layout features with a killer library of over 1000 top-notch curated design products."

Morpholio collaborated with some of the biggest names in the design world - including Herman Miller, Knoll, 3Form, and Porcelanosa - to curate a "Gallery" of important design objects now available within the app.

"Companies are here because Board is offering them a new kind of mobile space, expanding the feedback that they get as they see how the world interacts with their products in an entirely new way," explained Seymour. Morpholio's signature "Eyetime" technology combined with the multitude of usage data tracked throughout the app, provide an incredible amount of insight that far exceeds what companies get in traditional or even web media.

"This is a tool created with and for the interior design world that we absolutely hope will be co-opted by pinners, bloggers, design enthusiasts, and creatives of all types," said Anna Kenoff, Co-Creator.

Smart Tools Create Brilliant Boards

The curated "Gallery" is just one aspect of Morpholio's game-changing approach that bridges between design professionals or enthusiasts and the products that inspire them. The app combines a highly refined suite of tools with access to the cloud, where images and inspiration abound, and your creations can be easily shared.

Board brings together a constellation of innovative features, allowing users to work in a super fast, intuitive and organized way that frees up creative thinking. Key elements include:


A runway of furniture, fixtures, accessories, materials, and more, that is curated by design experts, and links to official sites for reference. Choose a classic chair, and then visit the website to clip color or fabric options.

Tag it

The board will compile an "Item List" of all objects clipped from the gallery or web and email it directly to your inbox. Go to your favorite paint site and clip a color swatch, or choose an accessory anywhere on the web.

Conference Table

Conference table is an exciting layout option that allows you to keep objects in the margins for fast access. This feature reimagines client and team presentations as interactive work sessions where feedback can be instantly assessed and incorporated. Simply zoom out to reveal sidelined items.

The Portal

An amplified web clipper that allows you to pull imagery from the web, directly from Pinterest, or from your own libraries. This pairs with a background subtraction feature that lets you extract objects to create great clip art.


An extensive library of people, symbols, backgrounds of any color, cork, or graph paper, and text options to add graphic polish to any layout.


Draw instantly over any image, sketch, mark up, or write.


Seamlessly share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or mail.