Sally Erickson Wilson Leads New Color and Materials Design Program at CCS

Sally Erickson Wilson Leads New Color and Materials Design Program at CCS

The College for Creative Studies (CCS) has appointed Sally Erickson Wilson as Associate Professor and Chair of its new Master of Fine Arts degree program in Color and Materials Design. Prior to joining the College, Erickson Wilson was Design Manager at Johnson Controls where she was responsible for leading the North American fabric design team.

The College's Color and Materials Design program is the first master's program of its kind in the United States and focuses on the use of color, new materials, finishes and processes in various design applications. CCS created the program in response to the growing need for qualified specialists in color and materials in a wide range of industries. Graduates of the program will possess the expertise necessary for a successful career in color and materials design in many fields, including fashion, interior design, consumer electronics and mobile devices, automotive, toys and video games and numerous other industries that recognize the impact color and materials have on the human psyche.

"Our Color and Materials Design program will produce capable, strong, competitive, globally focused creative professionals who are ready to take the reins in industries ranging from transportation and product design to interior and fashion design - designers who are engaged with a real sense of what industry needs, who will already have experience, who understand the challenges of problem-solving in the workplace, and who can also lead and drive innovation," Wilson commented.

As Chair of Color and Materials Design at CCS, Erickson Wilson will be responsible for the oversight and evolution of the graduate curriculum and will educate students to develop an "eye" for color differentiation, materials craftsmanship and quality assessment with the highest professional standards.

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