2014 People's Design Award

2014 People's Design Award

Cooper Hewitt has launched the 2014 the People's Design Award. Design enthusiasts are invited to view the 20 nominees and vote once per day for their favorite product.

Nominees include elegant and inventive consumer products (Drift Light, Lumio, Soma Water Bottle), medical devices (Cue, Spire, Stick-On Circuit Board), eco-friendly construction materials (Mushroom Building Blocks), emergency tools (SAM Junctional Tourniquet) and design solutions for human and environmental problems (Deka Arm, Ecozoom Stove).

"The People's Design Award is a critical program that brings the public into the voting process of the National Design Awards," commented Caroline Baumann, director of the Cooper Hewitt.

"From mushrooms that become a building material that is harder than concrete, to street lamps in Chicago that collect urban data that will be used to improve the environment, the nominees exemplify innovative design work happening in the United States right now, and they all deserve recognition for producing creative solutions that improve our daily lives."

The voting will end on October 6, 2014.

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