Alessi Wins Five 2014 GOOD Design Awards

Alessi Wins Five 2014 GOOD Design Awards

Alessi has won five 2014 GOOD Design Awards for the "Super & Popular" packaging, Cha teapot, cutlery, Noè wine bottle holder and the A di Acqua bottle.

"Alessi is thrilled and honored to be recognized with five 2014 GOOD DESIGN Awards," said Paolo Cravedi, Managing Director of Alessi USA. "We would like to thank the designers for such exciting and original projects and the Chicago Athenaeum for recognizing the creativity and innovative spirit of Alessi."

Super & Popular is a new packaging for 70 objects that represent a sampling of the most successful projects in the history of Alessi. Art directed by designer Mario Trimarchi in collaboration with his studio Fragile, the packaging aims to shine a new light on the historic heritage on iconic pieces in the Alessi catalog for many new generations to come. The new packaging features images of the products that present them in their intended setting, along with quotes from each designer.

Cha, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, performs its task in a masterful way, perfectly combining a kettle and a teapot into a single object. Its compact form holds just the right amount of liquid and is the product of an in-depth study of the ancient ritual of serving tea. The kettle is equipped with a removable infusion filter and an additional internal filter positioned at the height of the pouring spout. Cha features a magnetic steel bottom that can be used on any heat source, including induction cook tops, and brought directly to the table for serving.

Noé, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is a collection of tools for serving and enjoying "the nectar of the gods" at its best: a set of Alessi accessories consisting of a bottle holder with a modular structure, a drip stop ring, a champagne cork opener and stopper. The bottle holder is created with attachable and stackable elements made in thermoplastic resin in white, black and red.

In his first cutlery set for Alessi, Dutch architect Wiel Arets once again proves his ability to extract the essence of the shape from objects. The collection originated from a symmetrical design where the shape of the handle and the upper part are equivalent and opposite, like the mathematical symbol for infinity.

The A di Acqua bottle design by Giovanni Alessi Anghini was inspired by the Italian water company, 'Acqua e Terme di Bognanco' (Water and Thermal Baths of Bognanco). The company's owner, Greek entrepreneur Harlabos Melenos, brought the design idea to Alessi in order to highlight the special qualities of completely natural water.


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