Guggenheim Museum Releases New Free App for iPad

Guggenheim Museum Releases New Free App for iPad

The Guggenheim Museum has released an iPad app that offers a unique exploratory experience from anywhere in the world. An extension of the existing Guggenheim app for iPhones and Android handsets, the new iPad app brings together a rich array of content highlighting the museum's collections and exhibitions as well as its publications archive, offering access to more than 100 out-of-print titles dating back to the 1930s.

The app encourages deeper engagement with multimedia content through slideshows, audio commentary, essays, and video interviews with artists and curators. It also features easy navigation by category, including Artworks, Building, Collection, Exhibitions, Publications, and Video.

Users can explore the history of the museum and its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building; interact with content from current and past exhibitions; and access information about more than 1,600 artworks from the museum's collection.

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