Morpholio Unveils the ScalePen

Morpholio Unveils the ScalePen

Morpholio has released ScalePen, a patent-pending new way to draw on the iPad in Morpholio's Trace app. The ScalePen feature checks the drawing scale and zoom level continuously to automatically assign a calibrated set of technical pens.

"We see this as an entirely new opportunity for architectural drawing," said Morpholio Co-creator Anna Kenoff, "Rather than setting or keeping records of your own pen weight, Morpholio makes the software do the work for you."

The result is simple but powerful - an array of perfect pen sizes that dynamically responds as you move around, through and into the drawing. It yields an enormous reduction in time for the designer, brings precision and clarity to line weight, and gives architects the ability to make beautiful sketches at multiple scales, within a single drawing, set of layers or layouts.

Start with a site plan and get ten pen sizes. Zoom in to a house plan and get another set. Move back out to your site plan and your original pens will return. You can now draw a detail and within seconds zoom out to an overall elevation without having to adjust your pens. Architects can finally take full advantage of the benefits and magic of digital hand drawing with this essential and time-honored tool added to their mobile arsenal. As a bonus, the ScalePen feature works on eight pen types, including pencil, charcoal, and brush, bringing it's unique ease to digital rendering and design drawing of all types.