MET Studio Creates Iconic Installations for IET HQ in London

MET Studio Creates Iconic Installations for IET HQ in London

MET Studio recently designed a series of iconic and inspiring installations for the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) to tell its story. MET Studio was appointed in 2013 and has since worked with the IET and it's members to create a narrative in the building using four different installations that celebrate and combine the past, present and future of Engineering and Technology.

As you enter the building on the ground floor, an interactive digital 'chandelier' showing the five sectors of the organisation, subtly animates as you move underneath it creating a dynamic and ever-changing image of the IET. The first floor display wall tells the history of engineering and showcases 100 engineering ideas that changed the world, as voted by the members of the IET. The large-scale projection wall on the second floor inspires with a constantly changing 3D infographic of what is happening round the world in real time, relevant to the IET. The stairwells leading up to each floor carry displays celebrating the past, present and future of engineers and engineering, leading visitors from Einstein to Elon Musk to the top floor of mirrors - showing the engineers of the future looking back at themselves.

"One of the biggest challenges was making sure the members were involved. We wanted to include the young and old who all had their own opinions," commented Peter Karn, MET Creative Director. "We needed to make sure the displays didn't favour just one sector but incorporated all five sectors of the ET, and also did justice to the iconic architecture.

"Engineering is a misunderstood term. We wanted to reinvigorate people's sense of pride in this world leading profession and to celebrate engineering. It was a great collaborative working relationship with the IET, who were open to new ideas."

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