Lift-Bit - The World's First Internet-of-Things (IoT) Sofa

Lift-Bit: The World's First Internet-of-Things (IoT) Sofa

Carlo Ratti Associati, with support from Vitra, has developed Lift-Bit, the world's first Internet-of-Things sofa. Lift-Bit is currently on show at the XXIst Triennale di Milano International Exhibition.

Lift-Bit is a modular, digitally-reconfigurable furniture system that allows a sofa to seamlessly turn into a chair, a chaise longue, a bed, a lounge room, and myriad of other configurations. The system is composed of a series of individual, upholstered stools. Each element is motorized using a linear actuator, enabling it to be raised or lowered.

Lift-Bit can be controlled in person, via a simple gesture (just hovering your hand in the air over the seat), or from a distance, through the use of a mobile app. The app includes both a series of predetermined three-dimensional shapes and a tool to create new, dynamic combinations. Paying homage to radical British architect Cedric Price's 1970s "Generator Project," the Lift-Bit system can even become 'bored': when not used for a long time, it will start shape-shifting on its own to engage users.

Photography: MaxTomasinelli, Mybosswas, Michele Versaci

Carlo Ratti Associati

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