Cloud Room - A Co-working Space and Lounge

Cloud Room: A Co-working Space and Lounge

Graham Baba Architects and Brian Paquette Interiors have created a co-working space in Seattle called Cloud Room.

Cloud Room provides a shared working environment and private member's club enriched by the people who occupy it. The light-filled space creates opportunities for independence and provides people across a range of fields with the ability to connect and collaborate.

The sixth floor, 5,017-square-foot space consists of a large co-working area (with back-of-house support amenities) and a lounge that can be completely separated for use as a private event room. Glass-fronted conference and phone rooms are designed to reinforce the collaborative spirit while providing privacy. Office furnishings include a mix of simple standardized pieces (long work tables and seating) as well as an eclectic assortment of casual seating. The lounge features a wood- and mirror-faced bar with stools, sofas, and occasional furniture. The lounge adjoins a west-facing terrace punctuated with a fire pit for cool-weather socializing.

Photography: Lara Swimmer, Rafael Soldi, and Tim Bies.

Graham Baba Architects

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