Shenzhen Hazens Longgang Longteng Mixed-use Project by Woods Bagot

Shenzhen Hazens Longgang Longteng Mixed-use Project by Woods Bagot

Shenzhen Hazens Longgang Longteng Mixed-use project is rated by Shenzhen Government as 'one of Shenzhen's Most Important Projects in 2016.' Central to the rejuvenation of a river park area running through the site, this project was developed following principles of community, sustainability, infrastructural connectivity, retail experience, and modern lifestyle, applied to the local characteristics of Shenzhen. The developer, Hazen Real Estate Group, has collaborated with Woods Bagot on a number of projects, ranging from masterplan to retail and interior design.

The project site is located in Longang District, Shenzhen. The site area is approx. 393,000 sqaure metres, comprising for a total GFA of over 1,500,000 sqaure metres,subdivided into of ce space (300,000 sqaure metres), retail and shopping mall (852,000 sqaure metres) residential communities and facilities, and over 90,000 sqaure metres of green and public space.

The challenge was finding a strategy that would allow the design to blend this programs together and into a new lifestyle and community vision, gradually and seamlessly linking the commercial and urban environments, to be more private and human scale neighbourhoods on the other side of the river, never losing the quality of a story centred upon the unconditional values of wellness, connectivity, efficiency, value and sustainability.

The characteristics of the project site were the key to define the design approach. Woods Bagot harnessed the visual, natural and infrastructural value presented by having a river winding through the site, providing with opportunities for creating a new retail destination seamlessly connected to a large residential neighbourhood.

Two shores defined two characters. While the north one, connected to subway and facing the main crossroad, became the commercial focal point and leisure destination of the project, the south one became a community of residential towers connected by retail podiums and green spaces.

Central to the identity of the new masterplan is the implementation of a community and experience axis that enhances the journey from a shore to another. Coming from the subway station located in the north-western corner of the site, an elevated, pedestrian link brings visitors to experience different layers of retail, crossing the shopping mall and reaching the retail street facing the river. The link further on becomes elevated bridge, enhanced with social and community platforms ideal to take in the dramatic views of the project's skyline. The link eventually reaches destination by crossing the river and connecting to a smaller, neighbourhood plaza, and a linear retail street surrounding the residential podiums.

The architecture is defined around these connective and natural elements. The main entrance to the project's site is framed by two landmark towers, of which the design originates from the very DNA of the landscape and site. On the internal side of the commercial area, the shopping mall steps down into dining balconies facing the river, the retail street is detailed with elements borrowed from the Chinese tradition, while canopies provide for shade and sustainable technology. The retail street is defined at its end by a smaller, iconic tower, central focal point from the point of view of the river.

Finally, the landscape develops into stepping platforms reaching the riverbed and creating a series of community spaces, leisure environments, dining and experience platforms, and sport and wellness destination.

The Longgang District Longteng mixed-use will become a new identity in Shenzhen's panorama, a contemporary style of living, integrating retail, entertainment, leisure, nature and everyday life into one new mixed use environment.

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