Carl Hansen and Son Reissues CH23

Carl Hansen & Son Reissues CH23

Carl Hansen & Son has announced that CH23, a Hans Wegner dining chair which has been out of production for the last 50 years, is now back in production. Known for his iconic Wishbone Chair, Wegner designed four chairs for Carl Hansen in his first few weeks with the company in 1950, CH23 being one of these.

One of Wegner's most distinctive dining chairs without armrests, the CH23 features a number of well-known Wegner details: the shape of the elegant cover caps in the backrest,the special double-woven seat, and the arched shape of the rear legs to ensure optimal stability. While the chair may appear quite uncomplicated at first glance, a closer inspection reveals many fine details. Wegner's superbly refined woodwork is, for instance, evident in the cruciform cover caps, which he used to mark the junction between the form-pressed veneer backrest and the chair's frame.

"The CH23's double-woven seat was a significant feat of craftsmanship in 1950,requiring a special technique and tremendous skill to create, but the result is both striking and elegant," said Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, emphasizing that Wegner, in addition to having an eye for aesthetics, also possessed a deep understanding of ergonomics. "The dining chair unites function and quality. You can remain comfortably seated for hours without getting tired. And, in addition to offering excellent comfort, the CH23 takes up very little space around the table, making it ideal even in smaller dining rooms and kitchens."

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