H&M Unveils 2017 Conscious Exclusive Collection

H&M Unveils 2017 Conscious Exclusive Collection

H&M has unveiled its 2017 Conscious Exclusive Collection. Every piece is made from sustainable materials, including BIONIC - a polyester made of plastics recycled from shoreline waste.

"For this year's Conscious Exclusive collection at H&M, we thought not only about the look of the pieces, but also how they feel and sound," commented Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M's Head of Design and Creative Director. "It's a collection to please all our senses, and also our desire to be sustainable in everything we do."

Each piece in the women's Conscious Exclusive collection combines the freshness of spring with the soul of sustainability. One key piece is an ethereal gown of flowing pleats, made from BIONIC - a polyester made of recycled shoreline waste. Peonies and mimosa have been screen-printed then distorted to create dream-like prints, while the hand-drawn image of a dreaming woman is quilted into the softest jacket.

Accessories include a fishnet bag made entirely from recycled shoreline waste, as well as quirky and elegant earrings made from recycled glass and plastic. This year, the Conscious Exclusive collection also includes men's pieces, and for the first time the collection also includes a selection of styles for kids, such as beautiful little tulle dresses, and the softest structured blazers and trousers with a charming street style feel.


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