Stickbulb Unveils Boom

Stickbulb Unveils Boom

During Milan Design Week, Stickbulb unveiled a new series of LED chandeliers made from and inspired by destroyed buildings. Designed by RUX, Boom features cast-brass joints and linear wooden bulbs to create forms of exploding light.

"Our fixtures are literally born from the destruction of architecture. We celebrate this energy and history in the form and function of our designs," stated Stickbulb Co-Founder and RUX Founder Russell Greenberg.

The expressive form of Boom is achieved with minimal elements. At the center of the fixture is a singularity of cast-brass joints, elegantly curved to dramatically reflect the geometry of the fixture. Linear wooden bulbs - the essence of all Stickbulb designs - in varying lengths cantilever from the brass core, each one emitting a line of even light in a different direction. The result is an explosion of richly textured wood that casts dynamic patterns of light and shadow.

The first iteration of Boom is presented in a new wood type, Water Tower Redwood, which is sourced from dismantled water towers in New York City. The reclaimed wood is rich and red in color and threaded with occasional black veins. Years of exposure to sun, wind, rain, and snow on one side and contact with water on the other have resulted in a material with unique color banding that is full of character and strikingly beautiful.