ASID and IDC to Launch New Joint Magazine

ASID and IDC to Launch New Joint Magazine

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) announced a new joint initiative that will bring their individual membership magazines-ICON and D-together into one new publication with broadened perspective and reach.

The magazine builds on a history of the two organizations putting their collective strengths together for the benefit of the design community at large. "Working with ASID has proven to be an important aspect of our annual programming so combining our editorial pages was a logical next step for a shared vision of design on both sides of the border," commented Tony Brenders, CEO, IDC. "Add the benefit of providing manufacturers and suppliers with an opportunity to reach their clients internationally through one unified magazine and the answer became clear very quickly."

"The ability to produce one North American magazine with content centered on 'Design Impacts Lives' was extremely appealing to ASID," added Randy Fiser, CEO, ASID. "Our new magazine will continue to provide the community at large with provocative, educational, and inspirational content."

The first collaborative issue will be released this summer. An advisory committee from across North America has been established to contribute to the editorial vision for the new magazine, beginning with the selection of a new name for the new publication.


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