Herman Miller Launches Live OS

Herman Miller Launches Live OS

Herman Miller has today unveiled Live OS, a new system of cloud-connected furnishings, app, and dashboard, to enable more personalized experiences for employees, and provide organizations with real-time data analytics.

Live OS will connect Herman Miller furnishings, including sit-to-stand and fixed height desks. Either when first installed, or retrofitted later, Live desks are equipped with sensors that are continuously connected to the cloud using a secure cellular network. This enables the desks to sense people, send data on desk utilization, and respond to people in new ways.

The sit-to-stand desk remembers preferred postures. All a person needs to do is tap the desk control once, and it will adjust to the chosen and saved position. If an individual chooses to receive reminders, the desk control will light up and vibrate, reminding them to switch postures.

While a person is present at the desk, the sensors send anonymized real-time data to the cloud. The dashboard analyzes the data and delivers it in the form of evolving insights to enhance workplace performance.

"With the data insights captured through Live OS, organizations can better measure and manage workplace strategy to optimize real estate usage and improve employee experience," explained Ryan Anderson, Director of Commercialization for Live OS. "Our initial testing indicates that employees using Live sit-to-stand desks have become more active, transitioning between sitting and standing six-times as often as previously recorded. We're excited by these early results as we seek to improve comfort and encourage people to adopt healthier behaviors in the workplace."

The Live OS system is initially available in the North American market as part of a suite of services within Herman Miller's Living Office.

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