Sheridan&Co Designs Pop-up for Bucherer at Selfridges

Sheridan&Co Designs Pop-up for Bucherer at Selfridges

Sheridan&Co recently created and installed a pop-up concession in Selfridges' Wonder Room for Bucherer - the heritage watch and fine jewellery brand. It's an immersive experience that also includes a craftsman corner where people can view the artisans at work creating, cutting and polishing diamonds and other precious stones.

"Presence within Selfridges' Wonder Room will provide Bucherer with a compelling platform upon which to showcase their incredible Bucherer Fine Jewellery pieces, make a statement and articulate the sheer craftsmanship and romance of the brand that uniquely sets them apart from the competition," commented Michael Sheridan, founder and chairman at Sheridan&Co. "The design of the retail space needed to strike a careful balance between heritage and the contemporary; remain luxurious yet inclusive, and of course be appealing and relevant to both male and female audiences."

Bucherer and Sheridan&Co's design team worked on using the brand's iconic navy palette that has become as much a part of the brand as Selfridges' vibrant yellow bags. This regal-esque hue, which was vital to the concept, is offset by accents of antique gold and natural wood in the interior throughout. The solution needed to be sensory, attention grabbing and enticing enough for browsers to engage with the pop-up and become immersed in the brand. It needed to bring to life the many facets of Bucherer Fine Jewellery's offering - from its simple 'Daily Treasures' to its most exclusive and ultra-luxury hero pieces. The creative and design teams wanted to create a soft and feminine environment, with various features iconised using navy.

Most importantly, Bucherer Fine Jewellery will be the only brand in Selfridges' Wonder Room creating entirely bespoke pieces of jewellery for consumers. To that end, detailed touchpoints echoing Bucherer Fine Jewellery's atelier in Lucerne forms an essential part of the pop-up's brand narrative, bringing an element of theatre to the space as well as underscoring luxury and superior craftsmanship. The 'Craftsman Corner' is furnished with all the essential tools - from anvil and hammer to vices and the diamond-polishing table. Framed snapshots of the artisan's hands at work are displayed behind the workbench.

The central point of the space is dominated by a branded navy totem flanked by five display pillars showcasing the brand's most arresting pieces. Surrounding this centerpiece are the Daily Treasures display, a comfortable consultation suite for bespoke jewellery requirements, a 'Romance' display of rings and other jewellery pieces typically seen as declarations of love, and a Collections wall showcasing further hero pieces as well as hand-drawn technical drawings of diamond rings communicating intricacy and meticulousness of cuts calculated for maximum clarity and sparkle.

To accentuate the 'Romance' offering, Sheridan&Co's strategy team developed a poem that summarised the very purpose of gifting precious keepsakes as a means of immortalising the 'tenderest' and 'truest' of natural forces: Love. The poem is handscrawled and projected against the wall to give a humanised and heartfelt edge to the display.

"This is a fully interactive pop-up that resonates with Bucherer Fine Jewellery's key brand pillars, drawing out all the intriguing, charming and unique facets of the brand to create a consumer experience that resonates," Sheridan added. "The final design is a marriage of old and new; it's one that educates consumers about the brand but in an immersive and interesting way. The pop-up has been used as an unique opportunity to communicate the elements of heritage, skill and craftsmanship of the brand, but with a contemporary flare."


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