Allseating's Lyss Collection Wins Good Design Award

Allseating's Lyss Collection Wins Good Design Award

Allseating won a Good Design Award for its Lyss seating collection, designed by Carl Gustav Magnusson. Awarded for its standout design and timeless silhouette, the collection of seating, derived from the Swedish word, 'lyssna,' meaning 'to listen,' was designed to facilitate intimate dialogues and meaningful connections between its users.

"We are so proud that Lyss was selected for this prestigious honor and are incredibly humbled by the enthusiasm we have received for the collection this year," commented Chris Binnendyk, President of Allseating. "This award stands as a testament to our dedication in creating partnerships across the industry with thoughtful designers and craftsmen."

Lyss makes for the perfect seating selection in boardrooms, lobbies, lounges, libraries, and ideation spaces. The versatility of Lyss can be largely credited to the chairs' sophisticated yet contemporary aesthetic made possible by a flexible poly shell carved with subtle undulations at its summit for an eye-catching detail and added support. A delicately curved cutout in the seat's back, complemented by an A-line base, exudes modern appeal, while tactile upholstery offerings and a real oak wood base enhance the upscale styling of the chair. Juxtaposing uncommonly matched materials - a real oak wood base with an outer poly shell backing - Lyss can be celebrated for its thoughtful design and ingenuity.

Photo: Courtesy of Allseating