LMN Architects Designs Experimental Music Experience Space for Seattle Symphony

LMN Architects Designs Experimental Music Experience Space for Seattle Symphony

LMN Architects has revealed its design for 'Octave 9,' an experimental multi-sensory music experience space. Octave 9 is conceived as a venue where sound and visuals can come together in an immersive setting for Seattle Symphony's music education and community engagement programs.

"In this time of virtual reality and questions of whether we need physical environments or digital experiences, Octave 9 is both," notes Mark Reddington, FAIA, Partner, LMN Architects. "It is not just a new performance venue for the Symphony, it is also an exploration into the future of musical performance and education. With Octave 9, the Seattle Symphony has made a commitment to collaborating with emerging artists who are expanding the definition of musical performance while also making these new technologies accessible to the greater community."

Octave 9 expands the idea of the black box performance space and turns it into a venue that can truly adapt to the needs of a specific performance or activity. Octave 9 ensures that each visitor's musical experience is tuned to perfection, no matter where they are in the room. This acoustical experience is achieved through the use of Meyer Sound's Constellation Acoustic System, an innovative audio delivery system that allows full flexibility to transform the acoustical experience with electronic systems. Performances will be further enhanced by the visually immersive capabilities of the venue itself. Video and images, presented via ultra-short throw projections, will enable performers to visually transform the space into virtually any environment, further enhancing the multi-sensory experience.

And in a somewhat unusual approach to realizing the project, the architects are also fabricating the bespoke ceiling which they designed. The ceiling serves double duty in helping to control acoustics as well as to conceal the wide variety of technology embedded into it.