Steelcase Health Launches Embold Seating Collection and Convey Modular Casework

Steelcase Health Launches Embold Seating Collection and Convey Modular Casework

Steelcase Health has launched its two new products, 'The Embold Collection' and 'Convey Modular Casework,' bringing comfort and flexibility to hospital spaces.

Designed to bring the comforts of home into healthcare spaces, the Embold collection of seating offers remarkable versatility - from seat size to upholstery and materiality options - to help healthcare organizations create welcoming, comfortable environments that support a wide range of people, needs and spaces. It's variety of thoughtfully-crafted features, include an innovative curved back for maximum comfort, adjustable mid-arms for a range of seating configurations, and a wide range of upholstery and table options.

"The Embold collection was designed to offer an inviting, warm welcome for all individuals and help create healthcare environments that feel more inviting than institutional," said Ryan Ramos, Director of Industrial Design at Steelcase Health. "Healthcare organizations seek flexible ways to support their needs now and into the future. Embold is a solution that delivers approachable, refined and clinically relevant design that provides a range of clean, customizable, and safe options - for both today and tomorrow."

Convey Modular Casework is a micro-adjustable, customizable casework solution. With a variety of component sizes and micro-adjustable rail and bracket connections, Convey offers maximum flexibility for all types of healthcare spaces.

"With the constant state of change in the healthcare industry, Convey Modular Casework provides a flexible solution for healthcare organizations that seek to create environments that respond to dynamic care needs," Ramos stated. "Often, organizations are constrained by the limited choices of traditional millwork designs, but Convey is a flexible alternative with a clean, tailored design and engineered performance for casework that can be used in a wide range of healthcare spaces including exam rooms, patient care and respite areas."