Varoom 38 - The Activism Issue

Varoom 38: The Activism Issue

Varoom's Autumn 2018 issue is packed with rich imagery and insightful comment. The magazine's new Editor, Olivia Ahmad has curated a fascinating selection of artwork and viewpoints for this Activism issue, from the Middle Eastern comics collective battling state censorship and prosecution to Tara Books feminist adaptations of traditional Indian stories.

With an in-your-face cover illustration from NY based BrĂ¡ulio Amado, the issue features Jon Halls talking about his fictional property development company set up to advocate for the value of green spaces, Mona Chalabi on her drawn information data on issues from abortion to wage inequality, Seb Chaloner's animations chucking a brick through the windows of exclusive members clubs and the Zines working to change under representation in the publishing world.

Also in this issue, activist Seth Tobocman discusses his comic on the transportation of fracked oil through Albany, New York and the housing projects residents fighting the dangers the occasionally exploding trains bring.

Stuart Lang assesses how the credibility of brands can be in the balance when they adopt movements for equality and empowerment as part of their promotional activities, and Luise Vormittag explores Tings Chaks 'graphic documentary' which tells the hidden story of Canada's migrants' spaces.

The role graphics have played in protest and campaigns for change is examined by Margaret Cubbage, and in Contested Spaces, Emily Jost, founder member of Artists Against Cleansing and Ian Whadcock, Senior Lecturer at Manchester School of Art give their views on developer-led commissioning - is it always artwashing?

Also street art duo Himed & Reyben and the Pictures Mean Business campaign emphasizing the economic benefits of crediting illustrators.

Illustration: BrĂ¡ulio Amado


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